The Covivio operated office: a customised and plug&play solution!

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December 05, 2022

Building on its flexible Wellio offer, Covivio is converging its commercial lease and service contract offerings with a view to providing clients with bespoke solutions. This trend has a name: the “operated office”.

What is an operated office?

Covivio operated office is an approach to real estate that blends the flexibility of coworking with the professionalism of a property expert and the service quality of a hotel brand, all wrapped up in a one-stop shop.
The operated office is a response to the convergence between the new role of the office, driven by nomadism and employee expectations, AND companies’ growing need for flexibility in space, term and contracting, ALL delivered with a focus on experience typical of the hotel sector.
Commercial lease or service agreement, headquarters or satellite site, all-inclusive or à la carte services, long or short term… Covivio deploys all its expertise to design the best real estate solution for each client’s needs.

More central, more sophisticated, more flexible, offering added value in use and new services, today’s office needs better design and more intensive management. Clients are looking for fewer square metres but better square metres, and are willing to pay for it, because the office is taking on a new strategic role: it embodies the corporate culture, reinforces group dynamics and creativity and plays a key role in attracting talent. This has created a new kind of business, the office operator!

Olivier Estève
Covivio Deputy CEO

Who is an operated office for?

This solution is aimed at small, medium or large companies, for temporary or long-term use, in order to provide their teams a memorable office experience. The operated office also concerns any organisation seeking a partner to design and manage offices in tune with the issues of our times: sustainable development, health and well-being, etc.

How does an operated office actually work?

Covivio is the only operator who can support its clients from upstream development to the roll-out of personalised services for their spaces, thanks to its high-quality assets, dedicated teams and service excellence inspired by the hotel industry.
The Covivio operated office is committed to providing à la carte support, which can be activated at any stage of your real estate project: space planning, layout, services, IT, furnishings, etc.


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