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More than an integration, a real moment of sharing

The integration day gives you an overview of Covivio and allows you to get to know the different professions within the company. It is a social occasion where we build relationships and share experiences with colleagues from different departments. It is also an opportunity to better understand and participate in the organisation by contributing our first ideas.

Sofia Duran
Hotel Asset Manager (France)

Your hire: a crystal-clear process!

Covivio attaches great importance to the hiring of future employees. Throughout the hiring process, the HR team and managers work hand in hand to be sure of technical qualifications, motivation and the coherence of each candidate’s career project so that they may develop fully in their future position and grow within the company.

We look for high-potential, agile and ambitious profiles, persons who are set on a long-term engagement with a demanding firm from which they learn, one that is able to offer an exciting career in the world of real estate on a European scale.

We study your applications

Examination of all received applications along professional criteria linked to the ad.

We meet

Interview with the manager to go over the job functions in detail and assess the suitability of each candidate’s technical skills.

We meet again

Interview with the recruitment officer designed to appraise the match between each candidate’s human and behavioural skills and the company’s own culture and values.

We check your English language skills

A written and oral text to appraise each candidate’s level along a scale of skills set out by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

We make sure everything matches

One or two additional interviews with Senior Management to validate the choice of candidate.


The successful candidate joins our staff and the onboarding process begins.