A living property is a lasting property

At a time when the way we live and work is constantly evolving, Covivio is imagining the living property, and co-constructing the city of tomorrow.The living property synthesises our approach which combines offices, hotels and residences in its projects, responding to today’s social and environmental challenges. Its driving principle is toeliminate the barriers between usages and foster the values of openness through the use of smart, connected and responsible buildings, in synch with the expectations of their occupants.

Work, travel, live…

The usage revolution brings us closer to the end users of our buildings: employees, travellers, inhabitants. As a preferred Europe – wide player in the world of real estate, Covivio, together with the users, is inventing variable use spaces to support businesses, hotel brands and regions as they strive to attract customers, transform themselves and perform responsibly.

Enhanced user experience

We combine our expertise to reinvent living spaces. Hotel services inspire offices, while the ‘just like home’ spirit inspires hotels. Our concept of living real estate involves decompartmentalising uses, increasing quality of life and constantly innovating to enrich the experience of the place.

Creating friendly spaces, arranging outdoor spaces or installing a piece of art specially designed for the building are all based on the same principle: creating links and promoting wellbeing. Our spaces are open, welcoming, fulfilling, and experienced as genuine destinations.

Marielle Seegmuller, Operations Director, Covivio

Giving meaning to smart spaces

Covivio’s projects are first and fore most connected, not only to their occupants and their needs, but to their environment and the city. They are smart and synonymous with personalised experience in a digital and open age.

Anticipating new trends

Anticipating new trends

In every country, users are looking for something new. Covivio’s client-centric approach means we can ascertain their expectations, try out with them new ways of working, travelling and living, make their day-to-dy life simpler via practical services and flexible offers, and build loyalty through the community we create. In this way, Covivio reinvents the user experience and increases the building’s value of use.

A provider of unifying solutions

Covivio involves customers and stakeholders in the design of the projects from Saint-Ouen to Milan, not forgetting Alexanderplatz, where the City of Berlin also had a seat at the creative table. This collaborative approach allows us to identify needs, to share tomorrow’s vision of work, travel and living, to try out new uses and to express Covivio’s potential, a provider of solutions that bring people together.

Creator of value

Creator of value

Covivio is moving towards digital transformation so it can be even closer to its customers, more connected on a European level, and be quicker to pre-empt, so as to tailor its model, its offer and its assets to the challenges of digital technology. Customer services, smart building, value creation through data, and innovation with our customers, among others, feature on the schedule of our digital roadmap.

A responsible real estate player

Mobility, connectivity, sustainable performance, openness with the neighborhood, regeneration of the city, biodiversity and cultural initiative join forces to create a Covivio real estate project, which involves all its partners to ensure the best possible integration within the city.

Partner of major European cities

Partner of major European cities

Major cities rely on our multi-sector expertise and European dimension. We work as partners to create a better city. This is a guarantee of stability and success for us. Investing and building a network of fast-growing major cities projects us into an urban, mobile and connected future Europe.