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Much more than a #, joining the Covivio team means flourishing in the workplace and in life, taking part in ambitious European projects, embracing a useful profession that has meaning, and developing in the heart of a company that encourages responsibility and values expertise.

An inspiring and commited company

Our ambition:
Build sustainable relationships and well-being

At Covivio, we are committed and aware of our environmental impacts. As a specialist in living real estate, we know that our projects take a long-term view. We are constantly seeking to develop sustainable solutions that respect the environmental, social and economic challenges of today and tomorrow. For shared well-being.

We feel good at Covivio

At Covivio, we understand that a company’s health depends on the well-being of its teams. That is why we work to improve it every day! Every two years, we conduct an internal survey to measure the satisfaction and commitment of our teams. The results are no secret – we share them with the entire company!

We also focus on gender equality with our Ex-Aequo programme, and of course on quality of working life for an easier daily routine. You have every reason to join us. IIn France, the 2023 gender equality index for Covivio is 95/100.

  1. The gender pay gap: 35/40
  2. The gap in the rate of individual salary increases (excluding promotions): 20/20
  3. The gap in promotion rates between women and men: 15/15
  4. The % of employees who received a raise in the year they returned from maternity leave: 15/15
  5. The number of employees of the under-represented gender in the highest paid positions: 10/10

Law 2021-1774 of 2021 (known as the Rixain Law) creates an obligation for large companies to reach a minimum target of 30% of women and men among their senior managers and 30% of women and men within their management bodies within 5 years. For 2023 (based on 2022 data), Covivio obtains the following results:

1. Percentage of women and men in senior management: 62%
2. Percentage of women and men among the members of the management bodies: 38%.

Equal opportunities:
for the sucess of all

At Covivio, we know we need talent and motivation to succeed, but we also need a helping hand! Whether through our Passerelle programme, our sponsorship initiatives or our partnership with the Article 1 association, we offer young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods the opportunity to develop their knowledge and talent. Orientation, scholarships, housing, job search, etc. Just like our corporate philosophy, we embrace the full scope of ambitions.

Ambitious european projects

Destination Europe

There are no borders at Covivio. We mix perspectives and cultures by taking a European approach to our projects. Serving as a watchdog in the ten countries where we operate, we identify emerging trends. Our teams analyse trends and, in return, offer diverse, original and innovative spaces and services that meet all (or nearly all) requirements. So, do you have a valid passport with you?

Open the chakras

At Covivio, we are curious. By making our European teams work together, we identify best practices to consistently improve our ways. For a cross-business real estate or internal project, diverse perspectives are a strength. Whether in terms of communication, digital technology, finance or CSR. Speaking several languages in a single day and constantly learning from our neighbours: that’s the strength of Europe!

Thriving and achieving your potential

Employees in top form

At Covivio, we believe in you. To ensure our projects are successful, we empower you to succeed personally and professionally. A career is rarely linear. Covivio is there to support you throughout the different stages of your career path. Junior or senior, it makes no difference! There are many opportunities for discussion and to take stock during the course of the year, so don’t hold back.

Talent requires work

At Covivio, we know that we are working in a changing environment. Our sector is developing, our spaces are changing, our customers are changing, and our teams’ expertise along with them. We invite them to develop new skills via our training programme. Management, coaching, technical updates, new regulations, new trends, etc. And in 2020, Covivio is launching its Graduate Programme! Embracing all kinds of knowledge and developing a career that reflects who you are.

Career management

Talking with our employees

Ask our ambassadors any questions you may have via their LinkedIn profile. They are waiting for you!