Gender parity: how far has Covivio come?

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March 08, 2022

Covivio is committed to gender equality on a daily basis, notably through its internal Ex-Aequo programme, which aims to promote equal opportunity between men and women within the company. The group’s genuine commitment to equity issues was recently acknowledged in the Equileap 2022 rankings, which places Covivio among the top 100 companies worldwide that have made the most progress in terms of gender equality.

Women-Men: Covivio’s figures


Women/men permanent employees in Europe


women on the Management Committee


women managers


Gender equality index 2022


participants in the internal ex-aequo programme

Gender equality: what concrete initiatives?

Covivio acts on a day-to-day basis to ensure that men and women have the same opportunities and prospects within the company.

Among the group’s actions, Covivio:

  • signed the Diversity Charter and adopted an inaugural company agreement in 2011
  • extended its action by signing the Charter of commitment to gender balance and professional equality between men and women in companies and organisations in the real estate sector in 2021
  • has pledged to propose equally balanced lists of candidates for hiring and promotion
  • has adopted the same financial arrangements for paternity and maternity leave
  • continues work on several initiatives in favour of work-life balance and parenting in the company, notably by providing child-minding places, implementing a scheme dedicated to family carers, and adopting a policy allowing people to work from home two days a week.

Furthermore, Covivio organises in-house awareness-raising actions to allow all employees to appropriate the subject: dedicated e-learning module, quizzes, round-table discussions, support for associations active in the area (e.g. Valore D in Italy), and more.

What is the Ex-Aequo programme?

Covivio’s approach to gender equality is embodied in its Ex-Aequo programme, which is built on three pillars: awareness-raising, HR initiatives (recruitment, remuneration, training, etc.) and mentoring. Covivio uses the programme to offer dedicated support from a member of the top management to those women in the group who want it, to ensure their development and fulfilment within the company. The programme, which is based on national or international tandems, currently has 35 participants in Europe (France, Germany and Italy).

They tell us more!

Covivio’s commitment to equality and diversity rewarded!

Covivio features as one of the most advanced companies in the world in terms of gender equality in the Equileap global ranking. It ranks 8th in France and 45th worldwide! The Equileap ranking acknowledges the group’s work in favour of gender balance and diversity!
The study evaluated gender equality in 3,895 companies representing 102 million employees worldwide and operating in 23 countries, based on 19 criteria studied in depth.


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