ESG rating: Covivio positioned as Sector Leader by S&P Global and V.E

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November 29, 2021

Covivio asked S&P to qualify its ESG performance and obtained a score of 83/100, which positions it as Sector Leader. Covivio thus obtains the 10th highest score worldwide for all sectors combined.

This rating salutes the group’s performance on the three ESG pillars (with scores of 76, 79 and 77 for the environment, social issues and governance respectively), and the consideration given to environmental risks, with action plans that are consistent with Covivio’s activities and material issues. In addition, the strong partnership practices developed by Covivio with its customers are judged by S&P as “relevant” and “above the industry average”.

The agency also gives a “strong” positive opinion on Covivio’s preparedness for the ESG issues facing the group, thanks to an excellent awareness of strategic and emerging risks such as climate change. Good consideration of their potential impact on the business also makes a difference. The full analysis is available on the S&P Global Ratings website.

At the same time, Covivio has just had its solicited rating updated by V.E (part of Moody’s ESG Solutions) and retains its position as Sector Leader. Here too, Covivio is in the top 10 worldwide for all sectors, just as it was in 2019 and 2020.
Covivio thus obtains a Sustainability Rating of A1+ (maximum score) and also improves its rating by 2 points compared to 2020, reaching 73/100.
V.E. underlines the group’s ambitions and commitment, as well as the actions taken to integrate ESG factors into its strategy, activities and risk management.

In addition, Covivio has also been recognised as a Global Sector Leader in the “Diversified Office/Residential” category by GRESB for the second year running and has been awarded the highest rating of AAA by MSCI.


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