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Convinced that success depends on an ambitious and future-oriented human resources policy, Covivio strives every day to create an environment where its women and men can realise their full potential.

Stimulating career paths and projects

Recruitment as
a lever for

Covivio’s recruitment strategy reflects a commitment to acquire and develop new skills so as to continually adapt its expertise to the challenges of its sector. Covivio cultivates its “incubator” approach by recruiting young people under 30 on open-ended contracts, apprenticeships or through its Graduate Programme. The importance of the recruitment and onboarding process means that they receive sustained attention, notably through the Employer Brand policy led by ambassadors representing the company’s businesses.

Developing skills

Covivio considers the development of individual and collective skills a key factor in providing the best possible service to its customers and partners and in ensuring a personalised and motivating career path for each employee. Training – which is geared towards long-term priorities – is a strategic component of this: 3.6% of the payroll was invested in training in France during 2022.

Dynamic careers

At the collective level, Covivio holds regular People Reviews, cross-functional meetings where it can take stock of the talent pool within a particular business or age group. Retention, development and recruitment challenges are discussed during these reviews.

On an individual level, the annual meeting between employees and their managers, along with various interviews conducted by the Human Resources Department, lie at the heart of the professional development programme for every employee.

Cultivating openness, fostering well-being

Ex-Aequo programme: striving for equality

Since 2017, this programme has sought to promote equal opportunities for women and men. It consists of awareness-raising activities (surveys, training, internal information meetings, etc.) and a mentoring programme to provide women with career management support and guidance, should they need it. Currently, 35 women in Europe are being mentored.

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Promoting diversity and equality

Promoting diversity and equality

Covivio is committed to tackling all forms of discrimination and has put in place appropriate measures in all its activities in Europe. The Group signed up to the French Diversity Charter in 2010 and to the Global Compact in 2011 and has run initiatives focusing on gender equality and disability, for example.

In 2021, Covivio launched its first disability initiative

In 2021, Covivio launched its first disability initiative

To promote the employment of people with disabilities and raise employee awareness of different types of disability, Covivio has launched a disability action plan. To coordinate the approach and disseminate information, a dozen or so employees have been appointed to a new disability working group (Lab’ Mission Handicap).

Well-being at work

Well-being at work

Aside from the company-level agreements on Quality of Life at Work (QLW), Covivio is extending the scope of its approach and implementing tailor-made policies for its staff. A helpline run by psychologists and semi-annual workload reviews have been set up. Remote working up to two days a week has also been rolled out across the company, with an inter-company crèche and support for family caregivers to help them with administrative procedures.

Getting employees on board

Getting employees on board

Societal issues affect the whole company. Covivio seeks to make sure its staff are well informed and encourages them embrace a range of issues linked to its CSR strategy. In-house publications, bimonthly awareness and information meetings, charity donations, eco-challenges and skills-based sponsorship are just some of the ways that the Group's 1,000 employees in Europe can get involved.

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