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Covivio designs office spaces as ecosystems and sources of well-being. We guide our clients, as they strive to increase performance and attractiveness, by creating adaptable projects with a focus on well-being and comfort, in addition to economic, environmental, and collective efficiency. Flexible, service-oriented, connected and certified, our spaces support companies in their transformation logic.


As an owner and developer, Covivio owns more than 40,000 housing units in Germany, where the group is investing in the most dynamic cities, while developing new programmes to meet strong demand. In France, Covivio is accelerating the conversion of obsolete offices into housing, particularly in Greater Paris or Bordeaux, again with the aim of adapting its assets and offering new forms of housing.


Present in 12 countries in Europe and partnering with some 20 operators, Covivio works with hotel groups to identify the best concepts or reposition their offerings to provide travellers with a constantly renewed experience. Lifestyle brands, European and city centre are the shared hallmarks of Covivio’s hotel portfolio.


Office, residential, hotel: we combine our expertise to create places that create links. Hotel services inspire offices, and the “just like home” spirit inspires hotels. In Paris with Stream Building, in Milan with Vitae or in Berlin with Alexanderplatz, Covivio breaks down the barriers between uses to maximise the potential of each space and reflect the urban ambitions of the cities where the group is present.