Residential projects reshaping the city

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Since 2016, Covivio has been engaged in a programme of transforming and repurposing a number of its office assets. Big changes are taking place: over 300 housing units have already been delivered and a further 800 will be created over the long term via six currently committed projects. 1,900 more housing units are expected to be created through operations currently under review. By regenerating its real estate portfolio in this way, the Group is seeking to support urban transformation in close keeping with the expectations of elected officials and residents. The goal is to develop new attractive living spaces that enhance well-being while meeting social and environmental requirements. The following three residential projects located in Bobigny, Bordeaux and Saint-Germain-en-Laye illustrate Covivio’s strategy in action.

Bobigny – Neuvième Art/Normandie-Niémen

Pride of place to well-being and sustainability

To create a new, more inclusive living space that fosters social ties and residents’ well-being: such is the goal behind Covivio’s Neuvième Art/Normandie-Niémen real estate project in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis) slated for delivery in the second quarter of 2025. The upper floors of this building previously occupied by Orange will be partly demolished to make way for a 123-unit senior residence and a further 35 unrestricted housing units. This portfolio regeneration operation includes a premium service offering: swimming pool, restaurant and a range of other amenities open to residents. The architecture has been designed to let in a maximum of light through generously sized windows, thereby further enhancing quality of life within the residence. Another priority was to regreen a heavily built-up area in order to reduce land take.

Saint-Germain-en-Laye – Saint-Germain Hennemont

Building in close collaboration with the local authority

Covivio carries out its real estate projects in close collaboration with local authorities and stakeholders. In Saint-Germain-en-Laye (Yvelines), the Saint-Germain Hennemont project and its 24 brand new housing units bear the hallmark of this close collaboration. Palissad, the architecture firm working on the project, explained that the town wanted the transformation of this office building to offer “spacious family housing to encourage residents to settle in over the long term, as well as social housing to increase diversity.” The planning was fuelled by constructive dialogue with the city architect, who shared technical information (brick colour and dimensions, etc.) in order to ensure the building blended seamlessly into its urban environment.

The project highlights another of the priorities espoused by Covivio and its partners: creating a quality living environment. This is illustrated by the private gardens and terraces that residents can enjoy, as well as 1,500 m² of shared green spaces. As such, this operation, designed from A to Z in accordance with environmental principles, will also contribute towards reducing land take. It will breathe life into an ecosystem open to both residents and the local community, giving space back to greenery to offer a peaceful setting for a relaxing break.

Bordeaux – Noème

Enhancing the area’s attractiveness

The Noème operation is redrawing the outlines of Bordeaux’s urban landscape. The 9,000 m² concrete and glass leviathan previously occupied by IBM will give way to a large-scale landscaped project comprising six islands perfectly blended into their environment. Located on the banks of Bordeaux Lake, this residential district boasting some 750 housing units and 33,000 m² of green spaces will offer an idyllic place to live only 15 minutes from the city centre. Environmental concerns have pervaded every step of this innovative project: reusing demolition materials, using bio-sourced materials, promoting biodiversity, etc. The complex will also meet the expectations of all generations by offering a variety of housing options (intergenerational and co-living residences, family housing, etc.). It also stands out for the diversity of amenities and services on offer (restaurants, co-working spaces, gyms, shops, nurseries, etc.). This bold operation is a perfect illustration of Covivio’s ability to meet social and environmental expectations by redesigning the city and creating an attractive neighbourhood.