Tomorrow’s offices: flexibility first!

Towards new ways of working…


Before, during and after lockdown: comparative opinion survey of employees and top managers

We are experiencing a totally unprecedented situation that is impacting our habits and way of life, whether we are talking about social, economic, health… or professional aspects.

On this last point, our relationship to work has indeed undergone a radical upheaval since lockdown: it is sure that the office must and will be deeply trans¬formed. Some companies are already questio-ning the function of their offices, while employees have already changed their habits, in particu¬lar by working from home. However, questioning the use and future of the office and alternative ways of working is not a totally new phenomenon. In fact, the current crisis is merely acting as an accelerator of existing trends.

As a long-term real estate operator, Covivio supports its corporate clients meet the challenges of transforming and enhancing their appeal by designing spaces and services tailored to their image. Firmly believing that flexibility and ser¬vices nowadays are key, Covivio is converging its commercial lease and service contract offerings with a view to providing clients ever more flexible and tailor made solutions.

This survey was conducted in three phases (February, July and October 2020) on a represen¬tative sample of French private sector employees and top managers in companies with at least 250 employees. It is designed to fuel debate and strategy at Covivio to constantly improve its response to the new challenges posed by tomorrow’s office, underpinned by two overriding concerns – people at the core and flexibility first.

62% of employees see flexibility as a major lever for action to improve their working environment

46% of employees expect the development of alternative solutions (such as coworking) to traditional workspaces

70% of top managers say they want to make changes to enhance their real estate

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