“For a more service-oriented real estate, Covivio innovates and anticipates future uses”

  • Corporate & Real estate


  • Christophe Kullmann

    Chief Executive Officer of Covivio


In an ever-changing environment, the ability to adapt is crucial. Agility is the daily bread of Covivio’s teams. While staying true to our values and goals, continuous monitoring allows us to adapt our products to new forms of travelling, working and city-living. This ability to challenge practices and anticipate change allows us to meet the expectations of our clients and our environment. This process is driven in particular by our regular feedback sessions, design thinking workshops that bring together the full spectrum of expertise, not only from our clients but also from historians and sociologists. The process is also nourished by collaboration with our many partners, particularly proptechs, who come up with innovative solutions and offer insights into the real estate market of tomorrow.


By proposing new forms of workspaces, housing and leisure facilities in line with the new expectations expressed by clients, users and local authorities, Covivio is contributing to the emergence of more sustainable, relational cities that address climate concerns. This is in line with our ambitious Climate Plan and has led, for instance, to our involvement with the BBCA (Bâtiment Bas Carbone) low-carbon building certification and with Sekoya, an innovation platform focusing on low-carbon issues. On the ground, this translates as the renovation of our existing building portfolio, more energy-efficient techniques for construction and renovation and our commitment to zero net land take, among other measures. Our impact relates to our entire community. To identify societal changes and how they impact our business lines, we rely in particular on our Stakeholders Committee, a forward-looking think tank whose investigations into the future of cities feed into how we conceive and run our projects.


Our mission as a real estate operator is to design and manage sites that are rooted in their local regions, by rallying together a large number of players in an increasingly open society. At Covivio, in order to build sustainable relationships and well-being, we strive to listen carefully to our entire community.
We regularly consult clients through satisfaction surveys, employees via an internal barometer, local authorities with whom we are in constant dialogue, and shareholders, who were consulted on our Climate Plan, for instance, at the April 2023 General Meeting. All these perspectives and viewpoints feed into our thinking and projects.


Covivio’s geographical diversity is matched by the diversity of its business lines. In an economic environment marked by increasingly short and intense cycles, the complementary nature of our business activities in Germany, France and Italy is a major and unique strength that underpins our performance. Synergies in our teams at European level and the sharing of views, cultures and experiences across our different business lines also help enrich our thinking and breathe life into real estate inspired by best practices.