“Making cities more relationship-friendly by designing buildings that create bonds”

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Christophe Kullmann, CEO, Covivio


  • Christophe Kullmann, CEO, Covivio

    Christophe Kullmann

    Chief Executive Officer of Covivio


Creating and transforming cities through more sustainable real estate is a key commitment for Covivio, which we are translating into concrete actions: an ambitious carbon trajectory preserving biodiversity, optimising resource management, combating urban sprawl and implementing “zero net artificialisation”… These strong orientations, attested by a 93.5% certified portfolio, are reinforced by the close relationships we have with our customers and the users of our buildings, who are regularly asked about their level of satisfaction. To better meet their expectations and anticipate their needs, we are constantly adapting our portfolio and our services to create unique places to work, travel and live.


Maintaining long-term partnerships with our customers is one of Covivio’s strengths. By working with them to define their property strategy, we co-construct their projects with them, drawing in particular on the expertise of our UX (User Experience) team, which defines a specific employee experience for each building, and on our design thinking workshops, designed to anticipate emerging trends in the working environment. This close collaboration and mutual trust are reflected in a high level of loyalty – the residual firm maturity of our leases is seven years – and a satisfaction level of 4.3 out of 5 for our offices. We also place great emphasis on long-term relationships with our teams, making employee development a priority. According to our latest internal barometer, 85% of Covivio employees now say they are satisfied with their jobs. A figure 12 points higher than the European average!


Anticipating new needs and uses, Covivio has built its business on a portfolio that is always on the move. This philosophy is reflected in our office-to-housing conversion business, with nine projects underway in France and Italy. It can also be seen in the way we think about our residential developments in Germany, with a range of services that adapt to the changing expectations of those who live there, and with an ever-increasing focus on the environment. This approach also guides our hotel business, via our network of more than 300 establishments located in the heart of Europe’s major cities. Our long-term partnerships with the operators best placed to work alongside us in renewing our offer enable us to develop innovative and relevant concepts, in line with the new expectations of an increasingly diverse customer base.


With Europe as its horizon, Covivio is more than ever committed to being a player in a more relational city, by offering buildings that create links and are ever more open to their environment. It’s a credo that inspires us in all our activities: offices, hotels and residential. This openness is illustrated in particular by the mix of uses of our projects. The Stream Building in Paris, for example, has been designed as a 24-hour living platform, while ICON in Düsseldorf will include restaurants, a sports hall, art installations, event spaces and plenty of green space in addition to dedicated workspaces. It is also reflected in our commitment to the “1 building, 1 piece of art” programme. This is an opportunity to bring art as close as possible to the people who live in and around our buildings, in France, Italy and Germany. Our Stakeholder Committee, made up of experts from both inside and outside Covivio, follows the same logic: it takes the time to decipher the trends that impact our activities, feeding into our strategic thinking so as to bolster Covivio’s development.