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Real estate as a vector of transformation

With partnership as a part of its DNA along with its expertise in real estate and its European culture, Covivio is getting closer to the users and harnessing their ambitions in order to cocreate and collectively inspire the kind of real estate that reflects them. It’s by taking this approach that we have moved from a sense of ownership to an operator, acting as an investor as well as a developer, manager and creator of services.

Work, Travel, Live… for a living real estate

With a portfolio of €26 bn, Covivio expresses itself on a European scale, designs the city of tomorrow through Development and asserts its Customer Culture. As a real estate preferred player, Covivio, together with the users, is inventing variable use spaces to support businesses, hotel brands and cities as they strive to attract customers, transform themselves and perform responsibly.

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Urban designer, 360° player in the city

The decompartmentalisation of uses, i.e. the principle of being able to take advantage of a multitude of services and types of destinations in the same place, is gradually taking hold. Covivio is developing this mixed and fluid approach to the city in Berlin with the Alexanderplatz project, in Milan with Vitae and in Paris with the Stream Building: the buildings open up to the city and uses converge in the same place. To achieve this, Covivio relies on a collaborative approach that integrates its various stakeholders.

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Towards desirable cities

Mobility, connectivity, sustainable performance, openness with the neighbourhood, regeneration of the city, biodiversity and cultural initiative join forces to create a Covivio real estate project, which involves all its partners to design efficient pieces of the city adapted to their environment. Major cities rely on our multi-sector expertise and European dimension. We act as long-term partner to invent a desirable, intelligent and virtuous city.

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Build sustainable relationships and well-being

Covivio’s Raison d’être

Through its Purpose, Covivio expresses its role as a responsible real estate operator to all its stakeholders: customers, shareholders and financial partners, internal teams, local authorities but also to future generations and the planet.

A clear vision, precise commitments

Reveal all potentials through sustainable relationships and well-being

By offering high standards of well-being in all our buildings, Covivio enhances relationships between people and makes a telling contribution to their development, the effectiveness of organizations and the sustainability of development. Our Purpose puts people at the heart of the city, places our activities in a long-term context, and forms the backbone for our development. It also encourages us to make concrete and ambitious commitments to all our stakeholders.

Responding key CSR issues and setting targets

With its Raison d’être, we express how we intend to contribute to major social, environmental and economic challenges by involving all our stakeholders and by setting clear objectives: in 2020, create a Foundation and a Stakeholders Committee, obtain a well-being certification for our new projects, which must also all have green spaces, set up a solidarity day for our teams, deal with all customer requests within 24 hours. By 2025, to have 100% green assets, to offer a wide range of services in our multi-tenant buildings which will also benefit from a high level of connectivity. By 2030, achieve a 40% reduction in our carbon emissions compared to 2010.