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Stream Building – Paris, France

Under development, delivery H1 2022

At the heart of the new city centre of Grand Paris, close by the Regional Court, Stream Building has everything required for the new styles of working and nomad living brought on by the digital revolution. The building is conceived as an urban app, linking residents of Paris and Clichy by meeting high-spec needs: stay and work for a day, a month or longer, meet in a coworking café open to the local district, be free to set up your start-up or SME, eat local products, host events on the panoramic terrace, etc. Everything is there for an attractive destination at any time of day. A fair and efficient project, built today for the needs of decades to come.

Stream Building, the building-manifesto

Stream building’s ambition is to embody a new way to conceptualise and create the city. It reflects the philosophy of the PCA-STREAM agency and gives concrete experimental expression to STREAM Lab’s research into changing work spaces, our shifting relationship with nature and the vision of the built environment as a metabolism, working on circular principles. The project and architectural planning behind this building stems from a collaborative co-design process, coordinated by PCE-STREAM, involving a multidisciplinary international team.

Stream Building, an ambition

To adapt to tomorrow, we can imagine tomorrow. This is futurism. We can also strive to make tomorrow the same as today. This is conservatism. Or we can be smarter – build today while anticipating tomorrow and produce today without harming tomorrow. And that, is a state of mind. To offer a sustainable, living environment, that adapts to how people want to use it, a place that beats to the rhythm of those who live in and around it, from morning to evening and evening to morning, a place to work, meet, sleep, share, a place where you can believe and nurture ideas. A place, to put it simply, to live. Now, it has a name: Stream Building.

Stream Building, a metabolic project. What does this mean?

“What function? How many m²? We had to imagine the recipe of what we wanted to propose to make this square alive”, listen to the testimony of Philippe Chiambaretta, project architect (PCA-STREAM agency).