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CSR is an integral part of Covivio's business model and permeates all of its activities, throughout Europe. It is intended to be measurable and concrete, and is structured around the 4 axes detailed below.

1. Sustainable building

Promoting responsible and efficient real estate that creates value in the long term

2. Sustainable & inclusive city

Building a more intelligent and sustainable city in conjunction with local stakeholders

3. Committed & responsible social policy

Innovating to enrich the skills of employees and encourage their mobility and diversity

4. Transparent & ethical governance

Ensuring an ethical and transparent governance framework, ensuring best practices

Innovating to create the real estate of tomorrow

Our 3 innovation

Covivio places its innovation strategy at the service of its vision of the city of tomorrow, its policy to fight climate change, and of course its customer culture for a constantly improved well-being and comfort of use.